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At OMEGA, our goal is to create an atmosphere where kids can have a positive experience while learning gymnastics. Among the many ways we do this is by hosting a Parent’s Great Escape at least once a month.

The OMEGA Parent’s Great Escape is a fun night out for kids at the gym, usually on a Saturday evening. It’s also an opportunity for parents to have fun.


What is the OMEGA Parent’s Great Escape?

As mentioned, Parent’s Great Escape is an activity we hold at OMEGA at least once monthly. It’s a movie night, where our students can watch a family-friendly film on our giant screen. We select the movies we show our kids with care. They’re usually animated and express positive values that children can emulate.

But the kids don’t get to sit down in front of the screen the entire time. We have designed these evenings to include active periods. During these periods, the kids can engage in gym-related games and supervised open play. We also provide pizzas and drinks.

Because of these active periods, we tell parents to dress their kids in comfortable athletic clothing for this activity. We also discourage wearing jewelry. Also, girls with long hair must put their hair up in a ponytail.


Parent’s Great Escape is free time for parents.

While Parent’s Great Escape is primarily a night out for the kids, it’s also designed with their parents in mind. The activity is named for them, after all.

With the kids away at the OMEGA gym for the evening, parents can have four whole hours of free time to themselves. And we know exactly how valuable free time away from the kids is to parents.

What can you do for four whole hours? You can use the time to attend to chores that you can’t do with the kids around. Or you can have a date night with your partner, or a night out with friends. Or you can enjoy some precious quiet time by yourself, doing things you love.


The OMEGA Parent’s Great Escape is a fun evening, not only for the kids but for their parents as well. Check out our current schedule and sign up here.

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