what do gymnasts wear

Proper attire is essential in gymnastics, whether in competition or in practice. If your child attends gymnastics class, having them dressed correctly guarantees that they will be safe and comfortable while executing their skills. If your child is a competitive gymnast, a wardrobe malfunction can cause them to lose points during competition.

So what do gymnasts wear? What can your child wear to gymnastics practice? Let’s find out.


Leotards: the most accepted gymnastics attire

Leotards have become synonymous with gymnastics, as they’re the required attire for both men’s and women’s competitions. Leos are tight-fitting yet stretchy, allowing their wearer comfort and freedom to move.

Girls’ leotards come in different styles. They can be either sleeved or sleeveless. They can also be high-cut or have shorts or pants attached. Leotards with shorts or pants attached are also called biketards or unitards. Some gyms allow their female gymnasts to wear tight T-shirts or tank tops and sports shorts over their leos during practice.

Boys’ leotards, on the other hand, are called singlets. They’re sleeveless, and they’re often worn with shorts or pants, depending on the event.


What do gymnasts wear under their leotards?

Normally, gymnasts don’t wear underwear under their leotards. Just like swimwear, leos can provide gymnasts the support and protection they need. And, as mentioned earlier, gymnasts can lose points during competition if they have a wardrobe malfunction, such as a bra strap or a panty line showing under their leo.

However, if your gymnast is a teenage girl, underwear can become an issue. After all, leotards can be revealing, and your child may be conscious about her body. In that case, she can wear seamless, high-cut panties or thongs and sports bras that match the style of her leos. The underwear must also be the same color as her skin tone, so it won’t be noticeable. If she can’t wear a bra, she can opt for tape over her nipples.


What to wear to gymnastics besides a leotard

If it’s your child’s first gymnastics class and you’re not sure if they’ll take to it, what can they wear to gymnastics practice? It depends on the gym, but generally, young boys and girls can wear T-shirts and sports shorts or footless leggings to class. Your kid must be able to tuck their T-shirt in their shorts so the garment won’t block their face as they try tumbling or handstands.

Gym attire shouldn’t have buttons, clasps, or zippers. That’s because they can get caught in gym equipment and cause harm to your child. The same goes for jewelry—your child must take them off before going to class. If your kid has long hair, you can tie or braid it back so it won’t hit them in the face while exercising.

What do gymnasts wear is a common question among parents with kids trying gymnastics for the first time. If you’re not sure what your child should wear, you can always ask the coach for advice. We also invite you to check out Destira for their stunning leos and our online apparel store.

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