OMEGA Philosophy

Learning is a process. At OMEGA Gymnastics, we understand that this process needs to be a fun, engaging, inspiring aspect of each of our student’s lives. This is why we strive to deliver a class for each of our customers that offer’s an individual, success based curriculum. Success is measured differently for each student, each age, and each skill level. Success for a 3 year old gymnast can be something as simple as standing in line. Success for another student may simply be going outside of one’s comfort zone. This success based learning at OMEGA is what promotes a lifelong love of sport, fitness, and the learning process itself.

At OMEGA, we love gymnastics. We love the strength it requires, the balance it teaches, the focus it demands. We love seeing kids have fun at a birthday party just as much as we love seeing our competitive teams perform well. Our deepest beliefs about the sport can be summed up by the following statements:

Gymnastics is a foundation for ALL SPORTS! It demands a full range of physical and mental attributes and a combination of technical precision, artistry and creativity.

Gymnastics is for fun, for recreation, for competition, for education, for excellence, for personal improvement, for self esteem, for strength, for everyone. Gymnastics is for life!