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The key to success in gymnastics is consistency. To achieve success, your young gymnast needs to spend time at the gym practicing and working on conditioning their body.

While they are on the mat, their energy levels can drop low because of the energy they expend in this high-energy sport. Here are four easy snack ideas to keep them energized throughout practice.


Strive for Snacks Rich in Carbohydrates

The body needs carbohydrates for energy, and it’s essential to eat them before any exercise. Carbohydrate-rich snacks provide your young gymnast with energy that will last throughout their practice.

One of the best carbohydrate snacks is an oatmeal cookie because it has enough carbohydrates (27g per cookie) and contains complex carbs from the oats.

We like this snack idea because you can make a big batch ahead of time and have plenty on hand when you need them.

Just freeze the extra ones in Ziploc bags, and thaw as many as you need at a time.


Prioritize Protein-Rich Foods

Protein is excellent for your young gymnast’s body, as it fuels their muscles after a workout. Thus, it’s essential that they eat plenty of protein-rich foods after exercise.

Some good options are turkey sandwiches (turkey contains 26g of protein per 100 grams) or an egg sandwich with cheese (eggs contain 12g/100 g).

You can also try yogurt because the natural sugars in fruit will help replenish glycogen stores lost during practice.

An even better option is Greek yogurt which has double the amount of protein compared to regular yogurt at 14g/ cup. It’s a quick snack idea that you can buy ahead of time. Just grab one out of the fridge before leaving for practice.


Add Bananas to Your Snack List

Your gymnast needs to stay hydrated during practices, and it’s important to replace lost electrolytes with water and low-fat snacks.

Bananas are a great source of potassium and water that will help them rehydrate when they get thirsty. They also contain carbohydrates.

Pack one or two bananas for practice, and you have an easy snack on hand when needed. You won’t need to shop for snacks between routines or at a convenience store where unhealthy options are often tempting.


Fruits and Vegetables Are a Great Choice

Any list of quick and easy snack ideas for athletes won’t be complete without mentioning fruits and vegetables. It’s always a good idea to eat fruits and veggies because they are healthy, nutritious, and high in fiber.

If your young gymnast needs a quick energy boost while on the go, fruit snacks are a better option than candy bars or chips. Applesauce pouches or raisins, both of which contain around 30g carbs, can do the trick.

Fruit and veggie snacks also don’t have as much fat and help prevent bloating too. It’s important to note that fresh fruit is still a better option than dried fruit, even if they come from health food stores.

Opt for something pre-packaged without added sugar. This way, you can control how many grams of sugar your athlete is consuming.

All these quick and easy snack ideas will help keep your young athlete full of energy, even with tiring gymnastics practice.



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