Building Champions for Life at OMEGA Gymnastics

Getting kids into sports isn’t just about winning medals or getting first place; it’s about giving them valuable life skills they will carry with them for years to come. From the importance of staying active to perseverance and resilience, playing sports has many wonderful lessons children can learn and benefit from.


Gymnastics is an excellent example of a sport that teaches all those skills and more. Aside from physical wellness and body awareness, gymnastics teaches communication, sharing, collaboration, discipline, social skills, teamwork, dedication, personal achievement and goal building, and more.


gain confidence gymnastic benefit


Children gain confidence and increase their self-esteem in gymnastics. Imagine it from their perspective – you enter a new environment with a variety of things you have never seen or been on before. Through the guidance of your gymnastics instructor you start to understand how to move your body. Before you know it you’ve turned your small side to side hops into a beautiful cartwheel. And you find that you are excited for the next set of new challenges and skills. Learning how to have fun through hard work and effort gives children an incredible sense of self and how to believe in themselves. Quite frankly, the benefits of gymnastics are endless.


Plus, gymnastics is fun! Laughing, running around, and high-fiving teammates are all part of the experience. We guarantee your child will have the time of their life at a gymnastics class. Prioritizing fitness and wellness is a valuable gift. What better way to build our children than through this awesome sport.


gymnastics fun Building Champions for Life at OMEGA


At OMEGA, we love gymnastics. We believe gymnastics is for life and aim to offer the best gymnastics experience in the Pacific Northeast. We offer a wide range of programs for all ages and levels. From grown up and me to competitive programs, there’s no better time to start playing like a champion.

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