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You’ve been watching your child train for a long time. You know they have the talent and dedication to succeed in gymnastics, but you’re not sure what else they need from you. Here are a few tips that can help you support your child to succeed in gymnastics and in life.


Your Child Needs You to Understand That They Will Make Mistakes

Mistakes are part of life. This is how we all learn and get better. Sometimes, parents forget that their child’s gymnastics journey will be full of mistakes—just like life outside the gym. Your child won’t bring home a trophy every time they compete, but this doesn’t mean that the experience was not valuable or worthwhile. The most important thing is that they learn from their mistakes and use them to improve.


Your Child Needs You to Know That They Are More Than Their Results in Gymnastics

Gymnasts are constantly training and competing, which often results in being focused on winning. Children need to know that their parents love and value them, no matter what happens on the floor or beam.

If your child cannot see themselves as more than just an athlete, sports will stop being fun. Because they spend so much time in the gym, young gymnasts might have the impression that their self-worth is only equal to their performance. Parents need to make it clear to their child that they are more than just their performance as a gymnast.


Your Child Needs You Stop Comparing

It’s common for parents of athletes to compare their child’s performance to other young athletes. This is because gymnastics is competitive by nature, and parents can’t help but compare.

Parents should know that comparing their child to other kids can deeply affect your child’s wellbeing. It would be best if you were mindful of this and consciously stop yourself from comparing. This puts undue pressure on them. Your child needs to know that you love and support them unconditionally.


It’s Okay If Your Child Want to Stop Gymnastics Someday

Some children will reach a point where they’re over gymnastics, while other kids want to compete forever. It all depends on your child’s goals, interests, and abilities.

Give your child plenty of opportunities to explore and find out what else brings them joy besides gymnastics. When they discover what else makes them happy and what else they’re good at, then you would have still helped them succeed in whatever they choose to do.


It’s Alright to Set Goals as Long as They’re Not Always About Winning

Setting goals is a great way to have something to strive for, but there are times when your child should not just be focused on winning.

Sometimes the process of training and pushing themselves is more important than winning. Again, it’s all about finding joy in the sport, even if your child doesn’t win as often as other kids do.


Your Child Needs You to Set a Good Example For Them Too

You are your child’s first teacher. If your child sees you with a negative disposition, they’ll pick up those habits too. Be sure that you keep things positive no matter what happens, and your child will learn this too.


Your Child Needs You to Push Them to Be the Best They Can Be

You should always push your child to do their best to succeed in gymnastics, but you also need to teach them that this sport is not everything about who they are as a person.

Gymnasts will be much healthier when they know how to value other things like family, friends, and schoolwork. A well-rounded gymnast will be happier than one who is just focused on winning all the time.


At OMEGA Gymnastics, we encourage our kids not just to succeed in gymnastics. We want them to become well-rounded individuals and bring what they learn in the gym to other areas of their life. We invite you to let your child experience this learning through our recreational program.

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