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At OMEGA, we always strive to provide our kids with the best gymnastics training possible. More importantly, we do it while keeping our gym atmosphere positive, supportive, and fun. So we find it incredibly thrilling to be recognized for our efforts. We received one such recognition from PDX Parent, which named us in its list of top gymnastics classes in Portland.

Thank you so much, PDX Parent!


PDX Parent offers resources for all things families.

To quote from its website, “PDX Parent offers Portland’s most widely-read resources both in print and online for all things families, from the best tips on where to play, eat and shop with your kids, to well-researched stories on health and education issues that matter.”

The stories the magazine shares are fun and off-beat, neighborhood-friendly, and above all, family-friendly.

PDX Parent is a locally owned and woman-led organization, with Rose Caudillo acting as publisher and Denise Castañon as editor.


Check out OMEGA’s current programs and camps.

OMEGA has a variety of classes under its recreational program. These classes are:

  • Tiny Titans. For kids aged 18 months to 5 years old, focusing on strength, body awareness, and coordination.
  • Demi-Gods. For girls (Kallistos) and boys (Hercules) 5 to 6 years old, focusing on strength, coordination, body awareness, and flexibility.
  • Titans. For kids 7 years old and up, based on progressions set by USA Gymnastics.
  • Ninja. A fun, fusion class for kids aged 7 and up combines gymnastics, parkour, and American Ninja Warrior.
  • Tumbling. For kids 8 years old and up, focusing on floor tumbling and tumbl trak skills.

Aside from the recreational program, OMEGA also participates in the USA Gymnastics Junior Development Program and trains a competitive team all year round.

Kids can also participate in our camps, which we offer during spring, summer, and winter breaks, as well as days off pre-determined by the Beaverton School District. Check out our current camps schedule.

For more information on OMEGA’s programs and activities, please contact us.

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