Recreational Program

All Recreational Program classes are attended once per week and paid one month at a time.  Multiple class discount applies per student (25%).    
Annual Family Membership is $40 

Tiny Titans  Ages 1 ½ - 5  •   COED     $49/month (weekday mornings)                                                                                               $79/month (weekends or evenings)
Our Parent Participation (18 months) and Tiny Titans (ages 3-4) class curriculum is based on strength, body awareness, coordination, and most of all fun. Our instructors teach with enthusiasm to lay the foundation for our Tiny Titans to excel in any sport they may choose.      Classes are 40 minutes long.

Hercules   Ages 5-6  •  BOYS       $93/month   
Kallistos    Ages 5-6  •  GIRLS     $93/month   
Classes focusing on proficiency in strength, flexibility, body awareness and coordination. Hercules and Kallistos instruction applies emphasis on good listening skills, and the ability to apply corrections.      Classes are 60 minutes long.

Titans    Ages 7+  •   Boys and Girls Classes    $93/month
Our Titans class curriculum is based on the progressions set by USAG (United States Association of Gymnastics).  Extra focus is placed on learning proper gymnastics technique, strength, body positions, flexibility, and beginning level skills.    Classes are 60 minutes long.

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