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Getting to Class


OMEGA has put social distancing measures and tracking in place for the safety of all of our students, parents, and staff.  This means we have new processes in place for all our programs:

Arrival – All Gymnasts will be dropped off by their parent/guardian at the drive thru lane in the front of the building.   If your child needs you to walk them to the door, please use the front ramp/stairs and wait outside to have your student checked in.  At check-in, each student will be asked screening questions and have their temperature taken.  If the student has a temperature over 100 degrees, they will be motioned to a waiting area and their parent called to pick them up and their data tracked in a log.  If their temperature is below 100 degrees, they will sanitize their hands, and place their shoes in a basket next to their assigned class dot in their class staging area for attendance and prepping to go to their class. 

All students should arrive 10 minutes before class start time.  This will allow time to get through check-in.  Due to these new procedures and tracking, we cannot accommodate student late arrivals nor can we schedule make-ups for any missed classes.  Per state guidelines, gymnasts ages 5 and up must wear a mask.  We are following CDC guidelines and looking to have all children ages 2 and up wearing masks. 


Due to limitations and extra tracking requirements, there is not Recreational Viewing and lobby space is limited to 6 spaces.  We are asking that any parent that doesn't have to be in the building for their student, to please consider waiting outside or running a quick errand.  Any parent that is coming in to wait for their student in the main lobby will have their temperature taken, name logged, and asked to wear a face mask inside the building. This includes all Parent Participation and Adult Class enrollees.       

During Class/Camp – All students will follow rotations provided by their coaches and allow for distance during events.  The water fountains and vending machine will be closed.  If you feel your student will need water during class, please send them with a small personal water bottle – all drinking fountains are closed.   

Departure – all students will be brought back to their class staging area in the lobby at the end of class.  An OMEGA employee will be outside at the drop-off/pick-up loop and be calling into the lobby to have the student sent out to their parent/guardian vehicle.  All students must be picked up on time to make sure everything runs smoothly.    If you do not want to roll down your window to tell us your student’s name, you may hold up a piece of paper with their name as you pull up to the front of the line.

Please know we are keeping everyone’s safety in mind as we returned to in gym workouts.  OMEGA has updated protocols and made changes to the facility.  Below is a quick overview of changes implemented:

STAFF - All OMEGA staff have their temperature taken at the beginning of their shift and temperature tracked in a daily log.  They will also wear face masks and continue to follow existing protocols for illness.
SANITATION – In addition to regular cleaning and sanitizing, we are:
                               performing additional sanitizing of equipment between class rotations
                               implemented increased frequency of sanitizing handles and commonly touched surfaces
                               added professional overnight spraying of common areas
                               replaced towel and soap dispensers in bathrooms with touch free models

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